On May 22nd, 2024, our plane landed in Dublin at 2 o´clock in the afternoon. The weather was exactly as we all had expected: cold and windy. We were really tired after a log day of travelling but our host families welcomed all of us with open arms.

Our school, where we had lessons either in the morning or in the afternoon, was situated in the heart of Dublin next to the famous Temple Bar. The teachers were really funny and relaxed, and we learned a lot about Irish culture and language, which is very different from the English. We enjoyed the classes because they were interesting and included various activities.

The days were filled with constantly new impressions and of course a lot of cultural shocks.  But both the city tour and the numerous museums and sights we visited brought us closer to the beautiful and unique city of Dublin and its kind and generous people. One evening we went to an Irish pub for a “Pub Singalong Session”. The atmosphere was amazing, and everyone sang as loudly as they could.

On May 25th we went to Belfast, an impressive city. First, we went along Belfast´s peace walls, which are covered with graffiti. It was touching to hear why these walls had been built. We also visited the Titanic Experience, which was truly fascinating.

During our stay in Ireland, we also visited the beautiful coastal towns Howth, Dalkey and Killiney. In Howth we went on a cliff walk, which was of course exhausting, but the breathtaking view was worth all the effort.

After a week of great experiences, we unfortunately had to return home. It was a once in a lifetime experience where we all created great memories with our friends.

And I think I speak for all of us when I say that we’ll never forget the impressions that we could gain in this gorgeous and interesting country.

Anna Wohlmuth, 6A