In the week from Monday February 4th to Friday February 8th we had the pleasure of improving our English with four native speakers from all over the world. Shannon and Connor from Ireland, Jonathan from Australia and Toby from England were our English teachers for the week. All the students of the fifth forms were split up into mixed groups.

The workshop consisted of many different topics, which were all new and interesting for us fifth graders. We talked a lot about the environment, global warming, climate change and many forms of pollution on our planet. Plenty of presentations, debates and games were part of that project week and actively participating made many of us more confident. For example, we invented our own apps and products and presented them to our classmates.

The native speakers were very kind and funny and we got to hear the various English accents of English-speaking people from all over the world. The differences of pronunciation are interesting, though still very comprehensible.

On Friday, we had to perform for the fourth graders, acting out sketches including the week’s subjects. I think that most of the participants were a little nervous, but in the end, it turned out to be a lot of fun and was not bad at all. Speaking for all of us, it was a great experience and we highly recommend the English Project Week to all the following fifth graders.